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Vacation Planning

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You can also contact us via email at and one of our Travel Advisors will work with you to create your dream vacation. Our customers’ experiences and memories are what define us, which is why we are with you every step of your vacation from start until you are back home.

For Groups we take it a step further offer a personalize website of your vacation trip so that you can share it with your friends and family. All your trip details one place, making it hassle free.

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Why plan your trip with us?

Group Vacation Proposal

Quamis Travel is specialized in group travel. If you are ready to travel with family, friends, school, organization, church or club, we have the knowledge and experience to help. If you can dream it, we can make it happen!!!

Of course, prices vary based on your group size. We can work with any group size  but the larger the group, the more benefits you get and the less you pay per person. We work with the group leader(s) and help to streamline the communication with the group and we will take on the hassle of working with all the members and will keep you, the group leader, upto date with all the details. We also offer a mini personalize website with all your your vacation trip details, which you can share with your group.


Buy now, pay later. If you know when you want to take your vacation but still need to do some saving, Quamis Travel Vacation Payment Plan is your solution. We’ll help you lock-in today’s great rates with only a down payment.

You may associate the word payment plan or layaway with refrigerators and sofas, but we believe the same should goes for travel plans. Similar to stocking money away in a vacation savings account, the big difference here is that you make regular payments directly towards your dream vacation. Think of it as adding another layer of forced discipline.

Personal Friendly Advisors

Personal Friendly Travel Advisor to help you plan your amazing travel experience. To top it off, we take it a step further with our plus a 24/7 In Travel Support Service.

Family Fun

Travel with your family & friends. We’ll help you bring everyone together (we know that’s a tough task!)

your own dates

Choose your own dates that suit your schedule, not ours.

Mini Website

Custom webpage to help promote your tour and share info with your family and/or friends

Dedicated tour manager & guides

Dedicated tour manager & guides to greet you upon arrival and handle the logistics of your tour. (optional)

Personalized itineraries

Personalized itineraries with your choice of hotels, optional private touring, and activities that everyone will enjoy.

Quamis Travel Proposals
About Quamis Travel

Quamis Travel specialize in affordable All Inclusive Packages to popular tropical destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico. We offers Hotel Packages, Cruises and Escorted/Guided Tours to Europe, Asia, Caribbean, Mexico, North America including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition to vacation packages we specialized in Group Travel.

Destination Weddings, Reunions, Birthday Getaway, whatever your group travel needs are, We take care of the tiniest details giving your group time to day dream. Our aim is to provide you with a memorable experience, one you will take with you for your lifetime. Our customers’ experiences and memories are what define us, which is why we are with you every step of your vacation from start until you are back home.

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